Commercial Installations



"Good News new TV aerial working perfectly and we are now receiving all freeview channels with no picture breakup."

Thanks Again, Greg

"Apparently I didn’t need a digital aerial as I first thought it was just a faulty wall plate."

Thank you for a quick response. Martin in Blackheath

"Would highly recommend this company we had a satellite installation to three rooms. The installation was very discreet and the work was carried out in a professional manner."

Would highly recommend. RR Kent


For our commercial customers we offer a range of services from a Plasma and Freesat Installation in a reception

to a full distribution system throughout the floor or building. Quite often this would be distributed Sky News or Bloomberg for Financial Institutions. We can also offer the European channels found on the following Satellites...

28.2E Astra 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D

13.0E HotBird 6, 7A, 8

19.2E Astra 1F, 1G, 1H, 1KR, 1L

42.0E Turksat 2A, Turksat 3A

16.0E Eutelsat W2

These are 5 of the most popular Satellites used in the UK, but many others are available for installation

For this type of project we would offer a free site survey followed up by a free detailed quotation, specify dish positioning, cabling routes and equipment location. Once the detailing and planning has been done we can then simply get on with the installation.

For larger or commercial properties a combination of Fibre Optic, Coaxial Cat 5e and

Cat 6 cabling would be used these types of cables are idea for covering large distances and quite often we find that many commercial site already have a combination of these cables already installed.

For example a Scart or Composite video signal can be sent 100 metres over a Cat 5e cable or a HDMI signal can be sent 90 metres over 2 Cat 5e cables. With this kind of range a video distribution network can quickly be set up over a large area or over many floors of a building. Delivering News, Sales, Presentation or light entertainment throughout your company or development.