Digital Freeview Aerial Cables



"Good News new TV aerial working perfectly and we are now receiving all freeview channels with no picture breakup."

Thanks Again, Greg

"Apparently I didn’t need a digital aerial as I first thought it was just a faulty wall plate."

Thank you for a quick response. Martin in Blackheath

"Would highly recommend this company we had a satellite installation to three rooms. The installation was very discreet and the work was carried out in a professional manner."

Would highly recommend. RR Kent

To get the best Freeview TV reception we recommend using double-screened satellite grade coaxial cable from your digital TV aerial. The most common types of satellite coaxial cable are CT100 or CT125. FT100 cable has a foil type copper screen in addition to stranded copper screening and a low loss foam dielectric. It may be helpful to read some tips on identifying good versus bad coaxial cables. If your television aerial was installed a few years ago, there is a strong likelihood that the coaxial cable used is only single screened and therefore unsuitable for digital TV.

If you have pre-wired TV sockets in your rooms that were fitted when the house was built, it's worthwhile inspecting them, especially if your Freeview picture is breaking up regularly. Make sure all TV socket face plates are correctly wired and use CT100 coaxial cable and that the screen of the coaxial cable is anchored to the faceplate earth. If your TV points use older single-screened coaxial cable and Freeview reception problems are encountered, you may need to replace the coaxial cable to your aerial with CT100 and cease use of the old cable. Double screened coaxial cable installation to your aerial will improve the analogue TV picture too as CT100 (or the newer version - FT100) has much lower UHF signal loss.

The extra screening provided in FT100 satellite cable greatly reduces noise or interference pickup along the cable which can otherwise result in DTT reception problems causing picture break-up, pixelation and frozen images on your Freeview set top box.