What Will You Need To Watch HDTV



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To watch HDTV you need

An HD compatible set-top box receiver. You can get these from Virgin Media (cable TV) and Sky (satellite TV) and they provide access to Pay TV HD services as well as the BBC’s free-to-air HD channel. You can also buy stand alone free-to-air HD satellite receivers for the BBC’s HD services. HD set top box receivers usually carry the ‘HDTV’ logo shown below:

A TV that can show HD pictures. Television sets with the ‘HD Ready’ logo have a screen that can display sharper pictures. These TVs will accept signals in either of the two HDTV standards known as 720p or 1080i. These standards are currently used for cable and satellite HDTV broadcasts, and they refer to the resolution of the picture. The displays can also show HD pictures from high-definition DVD players and games consoles.

A special HDTV cable connection between the HD set top box and the HD Ready TV. The cables used with HD are known as HDMI, DVI, and analogue component. HDTV equipment usually comes with standard SCART cables and you can use these to connect to traditional standard definition equipment, but these connections won’t support the HD signal

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High Definition Telivision or HDTV

High Definition Television (HDTV) is up to four times more detailed than standard definition TV. It offers sharper and more realistic pictures. As well as having better pictures, HDTV programmes often have high quality digital surround sound. This may enable an all-round better viewing experience.

HDTV is already available on cable and satellite in the UK. Ofcom announced in April 2008 how, by upgrading the digital terrestrial television (DTT) platform, otherwise known as Freeview, it will provide an opportunity to launch HD services free to air as digital switchover completes across the UK, beginning with the Granada region from late 2009/early 2010.

You need to purchase compatible equipment, including an HD ready TV and HD compatible set top box, in order to receive HD television services.You can also view pre-recorded HD content on the latest generation of DVDs (Blu-Ray and HD-DVD) and games consoles, provided you have the correct equipment.