Advantages of LCD TV: Why Should You Buy an LCD TV?



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The advantages of LCD TV are so many that they can all be reasons enough why you should buy an LCD TV and show it off on the entertainment room of your house.

Learn the many advantages of LCD TV that might encourage you to purchase one for your home!

1. LCD TVs come in a wide range of screen sizes.

Sizes of LCD TVs start come in a wide range, often from 13 to 65 diagonal inches. Some manufacturers even offer LCD displays that are up to 100-inch in size!

2. LCD TVs have a versatile contrast and brightness levels.

Unlike other TV screen types, LCD TVs are backlit and do not reflect light from the outside. Because of this, they look better in natural lighting situations, thus, are more versatile.

3. LCD TVs have more viewing angles (than plasma TVs).

The viewing angle of a typical LCD screen is 175 degrees. This means, you can view the picture on the screen clearly from dead center to about 87 degrees on either side of the screen.

4. LCD TVs have better pixel qualities than most TV screen types.

Especially the models that use newer LCD technology, LCD TVs generally don't have a problem with burn-in and abnormal pixel charge.

5. LCD TVs have long life span.

Most LCD TVs are designed to last a half life of 30,000 hours or 16 years of use with 6 hours of viewing per day.

6. LCD TVs are durable and long-lasting.

LCD TVs are fairly durable, sturdy, and are easier to install than plasma TVs because of their little weight.

7. LCD TVs are generally thin.

LCD TV screen are designed sleek and thin, giving you more options for positioning such as wall or ceiling mounting.

8. LCD TVs are very simple to ship.

Because of their light weight, LCD TVs are easier to ship and transfer from one place to another. Plus, of course, you pay less for the shipping cost.

9. LCD TVs are very affordable.

LCD TVs, especially those measuring less than 35", are very reasonably priced. Moreover, they require very little power and maintenance that's why they are very economical to operate.

Now, that you've learned all the advantages of LCD TV, you could be certain that buying an LCD TV would be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Buy your LCD TV now at Apple retail stores and prove all these reasons right!