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"Good News new TV aerial working perfectly and we are now receiving all freeview channels with no picture breakup."

Thanks Again, Greg

"Apparently I didn’t need a digital aerial as I first thought it was just a faulty wall plate."

Thank you for a quick response. Martin in Blackheath

"Would highly recommend this company we had a satellite installation to three rooms. The installation was very discreet and the work was carried out in a professional manner."

Would highly recommend. RR Kent

The options for television viewing have increased over the years, color, cable, satellite, and now high definition. HD television allows even the cheapest television set to have a clear picture. For years as televisions got bigger the picture got worse. Now all television sets have the ability to display a clear picture no matter what size they are.

Are you watching a fuzzy picture? Do you think that it's time to replace the television set? It might not be the television it might be the signal that you are receiving from the local cable company. Is the cable company broadcasting in high definition yet? Are there rates constantly increasing?

Satellite television channels are broadcast in high definition. The broadcasting in HD means that your favorite shows are now crystal clear even on a larger screen. There isn't an additional cost involved for HD broadcasting either. When you subscribe to satellite it's included.

Can you imagine watching your favorite sports in HD? You'll have such a clear picture that you'll be able to make the call for umpire from your couch. The picture will amaze you so much that you invite all of your friends over to watch the games. Can you imagine having a house full of people to watch football, baseball, basketball or whatever other sport is on that week?

The picture is better with satellite, and more channels are included for a lower price. With the ability to receive an HD picture and more channels for less it's a wonder there aren't satellites at every home in the country. Do you live out in the middle of nowhere? Cable isn't available to you in your area but satellites get reception where cable can't.

You can get HD anywhere you can put a satellite. The benefits of HD broadcastings clearer picture mean that you can buy the large screen that you have been wanting. The picture will be just as clear as it is on the smaller screen that you are watching now. HD is sent in a higher resolution than regular broadcast. There isn't any additional equipment required either.

With HD broadcasting you just might find that the television set you thought had worn out is perfectly fine. Your favorite television shows, and movies will be so clear that you never want to leave the house again. With the exclusive programming that satellite can offer you, plus the HD and the fact that the channels are already digital means that the satellite is a good option for viewing.

Portable satellites give you the ability to have HD while you are traveling. The ability to take your favorite programs with you is an option worth looking into. Researching satellite providers will give you a clear picture of what each one offers as far as pricing, programming, and exclusives that are offered.

When you research carefully you can often find specials offering free installation, and promotional pricing for the programming. As with any decision all options should be thoroughly researched before making the final decision.

Source: Kevin Martinez